Real Estate Lawyer Istanbul / TURKEY

The vast amount of documentation involved in real estate transactions and partnerships can inevitably result in mistakes and inconsistencies. Tekcan Law Firm addresses this type of problem in its early stage with clarity and foresight. Our mission is to prevent costly disputes over conflicting contractual provisions, clauses and requirements.

Our Istanbul law firm assists clients with a complete array of real estate matters, including:

  • Affordable housing – Low-income housing tax credits, private activity bond transactions, regulatory agreements and other issues
  • Commercial leases – Including office, industrial and mixed-use project leases
  • Investment partnerships – Review and integration of all documents necessary to form a limited liability company (LLP) or real estate development partnership
  • Real estate fraud – Failure to disclose defects in construction, equity skimming, mortgage fraud, predatory lending and other issues
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) – Obtainment of bridge loans and mezzanine financing, land use approval negotiation, planning joint venture planning and more
  • Real estate litigation – Boundary and easement and landlord-tenant disputes, breach of purchase and sale agreements, asbestos litigation, lender liability and other matters
  • Risk management – Insurance coverage analysis, policy negotiations, claims strategies and more
  • Property management – Forming listing and management agreements, build-to-suit and reverse build-to-suit leases, environmental contamination and air remediation, landlord liability, rent collections and related matters
  • Purchases and sales – Conducting due diligence, writing acquisition or disposition agreements, brokerage agreements, escrow holdback agreements and estoppels, and more

A Trusted Voice On Real Estate And Construction Law Issues

Prior to forming TEKCAN LAW FIRM, our primary Turkey real estate lawyer, Melda Merve Tekcan, served as Principal and General Counsel with a national real estate development company and was a partner in major real estate law firms.

With extensive experience aiding real estate developers and other clients throughout Istanbul, Mrs. Tekcan is a respected author and sought-after speaker on real estate law and construction litigation. He has conducted numerous seminars on complex topics such as construction insurance and risk management strategies, finance issues and bankruptcy disputes, mold litigation, landlord-tenant law and easement and boundary disputes.


Working with a lawyer will be to your advantage. For detailed information, you can contact us on our phone number 0 532 211 57 25.