Divorce Lawyer Istanbul

Melda Merve Tekcan is a well-respected Turkish family lawyer and a divorce lawyer giving clients the most stress free and efficient services in the process of a divorce or any kind of matter in relation to families. Our lawyers are among the top English speaking divorce lawyers in Istanbul and Turkey cities thanks to our 100% client satisfaction. You can reach our experienced English speaking divorce lawyers through our contact page.

Family Law Services:

  • Divorce cases
  • Custody cases
  • Child maintenance and alimony cases
  • Paternity issues
  • Administration of children’s asset when in custody
  • Cases of domestic violence
  • Human right violation cases
  • Family dwellings and its application
  • Financial arrangements in divorce and dissolution
  • ‘Family protection’ litigation cases based on Article No.: 4320
  • Commodity partnership and separation, division of matrimonial properties, tenancy in its entirety.
  • Legal rights owned by spouses on matrimonial properties
  • Renunciation of inheritance cases
  • Obtaining heirship certificate
  • Cases dealing with cancellation of heirship certificate
  • Cases arising from the deterioration of engagement
  • Child adoption allowance cases
  • Marriage license, removal of the waiting period for women
  • Cancellation and declaration of legitimacy of affiliation and paternity cases
  • Alteration of age and declaration of maturity cases
  • Cases based on recognition and approval of the court order (divorce, heirship etc.) issued in a different country.
  • Provisional injunctions on heritage
  • Restitution cases for inheritance and cases filed by heir due to reduction of its amount of share from the inheritance.
  • Guardianship and trustee litigation
  • Cases dealing with cancellation of a will​


  • Supervision on custody
  • Supervision on trusteeship
  • Tracking of maintenance payment (alimony)
  • Tracking of court order based on debarment
  • Offering preventive measures relating to family law issues
  • Supervision on housing and property rights
  • Supervision on protecting inheritance rights
  • Supervision and elimination of legal problems between spouses
  • Supervision on taking necessary precautions relating to division of  matrimonial property between spouses
  • Propose methods on settling disputes between spouses
  • Advice relating on how to file a lawsuit and procedures required in order to follow-up


Working with a lawyer will be to your advantage. For detailed information, you can contact us on our phone number 0 532 211 57 25.