We provide legal advice on dispute resolution between worker and employer..

We provide services in inheritance law disputes such as inheritance lawsuits, inheritance cases, determination of property..

We achieve successful results in terms of consensual divorce or contentious divorce cases.

Attorney Melda Merve Tekcan

Melda Merve TEKCAN completed her undergraduate education at Marmara University Faculty of Law. During her undergraduate education, she worked as BP trainee in BP Petroleum and Greenpeace Mediterranean. He received a master's degree in Human Resources Management from Marmara University.

After five years of experience in the well-established and respected law firms of Istanbul, by opening the Tekcan Law Firm, it provides support to its clients in all legal fields, especially in Business Law, Inheritance Law, Divorce Law, so that they can manage lawsuits without any problems.

Tekcan Law Firm, Istanbul / Turkey in the location near to the airport and the subway is the World Trade Center.